Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Virginia: An inquest is under investigation after a body of a newborn was found eaten by a dog on Monday, 21 October 2019, at Eureka Park in Meloding; Virginia.

It is alleged that the owner of the house was watering his garden when he saw his dog eating something, animal-like. The dog was dragging it to a shack in their yard. The owner allegedly followed the dog to the shack and found a half-eaten body of a new born.

The baby had only the head ,left thigh and a leg left, as the dog had allegedly eaten other parts of the body, thus the gender of the baby could not be determined . The emergency services were summoned to the scene and the baby was declared dead at the scene.

An inquest docket was registered for further investigation and police request anyone with information about the mother of the baby to visit Meloding SAPS or contact D/Sergeant Ditshewana Nkwala, of Meloding Detective Services at the following numbers (057) 910 7200, during office hours.