It is how you deal with setbacks that defines you.

Setbacks are a normal part of the path to success. Unless your role is to serve as a mindless cog in a wheel of predictable work, you will encounter setbacks, many of them, throughout your life and career.

Geoffrey James says this about how to cope with setbacks:

It is easy to stay motivated when you’re winning; what’s challenging is staying motivated when things are going badly. Ultimately, success depends upon your ability to handle inevitable setbacks, according to Jeff Keller, author of the Attitude is Everything. Here’s how:

1. Realize setbacks are temporary.

Every successful person has encountered setbacks, learning what doesn’t work is an essential part of learning what does! Setbacks are a sign that you’re making progress. Remember: God’s delays are not God’s denial.

2. Recommit to your goals.

If you truly want to succeed, banish all thoughts of giving up before you accomplish your objective. Be willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, within legal and ethical bounds. You will get there eventually.

3. Contact some positive colleagues.

Positive emotions are contagious, so this is a great time to reconnect with people who believe in themselves and believe in you. Give positive encouragement to others and they’ll return the favor. Get energized together!

4. Reset your timetable.

You may not be achieving success as quickly as you’d hoped, but success generally comes one small step at a time. This is a great time to “retrench” and think through what you might do differently to achieve your goals.

5. Take action today.

Pursuing success is like riding a horse; if you get thrown off, you’ve got to get right back on it. Rather than dwell on the setback, take some action–right now–that will continue your momentum.

When you face a setback or you fail to meet your goals, do not let it count for nothing. Setbacks and failures are essential for growth. To a successful person, failure is like a bus stop, just because the bus stops there does not mean you have to get off it.

Distinguish between setbacks and roadblocks. Setbacks can slow you down but will not actually stop you. Roadblocks are like strips of flypaper, you get caught and they can threaten your progress. Because both setbacks and roadblocks are unavoidable, build extra time into your daily schedule. Do not let setbacks to define you but rather refine you.

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