It’s Heritage celebrations week!!!

The month of September has been declared a Heritage month. Today, the 24 September, the country comes together to celebrate Heritage Day. Throughout this month, today and the rest of the remaining days of this is a week, we all celebrate our roots and our proud heritage history.

The 24th of September was known as Shaka’s day. A day when the prominent King Shaka Zulu was celebrated by the people of the Zulu Kingdom. This was a day when Zulu’s from across the country gathered at the Kings grave to pay their respect. In 1995 the 24th of September was passed out as a public holiday, Heritage day, by the democratic government and parliament of South Africa in recognition of the diverse cultures in our country.

Every South African is either a mix of two different tribes from their maternal and paternal sides of the family, and sometimes you find that your original roots go deep in a different culture, making you a whole “mix masala” of culture!!!

I was birthed by a Mosotho woman from the Sesotho tribe. My father a very traditional Xhosa man, thus making me a Xhosa girl. Traditionally the children carry their father’s culture, however my original roots grow deep in Zulu as a descendant of the Luthuli clan. Making me a Xhosa that speaks Sesotho, who’s actually a Zulu. Now as much as traditionally we take our Father’s culture’s we mostly speak our Mother’s languages (it’s not called “Mother tongue” for nothing). Like I said a whole mix of cultural diversity.

South Africa has 11 official languages, which means 11 cultures and tribes, making South Africa the most diverse country in the world. Every culture has its traditions and different cultural clothing and this week, we take a look at some of the diverse traditional clothes from various cultures.

Proudly South African traditional attires:

















































If there is one thing that all our different African cultures have in common, it’s the creative and expressive use of color and patterns, to not only bring life to our clothes but to convey a message of our identity, who we are and where we come from.

As an aspiring entrepreneur in the clothing manufacturing field, here are some modernized versions of traditionally inspired clothing we’ve designed.

Modernized Versions of traditionally inspired clothing by Thandeka:

About the Author: Thandeka Jabane is the lifestyle writer of FS news Online and an aspiring young entrepreneur from Virginia in the clothing & home deco manufacturing, styling and makeup field. Her business BLVCKLIN3 specializes in personal styling, makeup, clothing & home deco manufacturing and alterations services.

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