Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Welkom: Three African males are wanted in connection with a Business Robbery that occurred at one of the jewellery stores at Welkom Central where jewellery that amounts to R100 000.00, was stolen.

Yesterday morning, 13 November 2019, the Assistant Manager and her colleague, were busy working at the jewellery store in Bok Street; near Amogelang mall, when one African male person entered the shop and sweared at them. He told them that they think he is joking and playing with them.

The man immediately took out a firearm, pointed at them and instructed them to go to the kitchen. His two accomplices also entered the shop carrying a blue sports bag. One of the suspects pushed a female Security Officer to the kitchen. He told her to throw away a hand radio and not to use it.

The first suspect instructed the complainant to open the drawers and took jewelleries such as Watches, Necklaces, Rings, Earrings and cellphones that were displayed on the wall. They put all those items into the sports bag. They locked the employees inside the shop and ran away.

The suspects were all speaking Sotho, one of them covered his face with a cloth and was wearing a hat, he is slender, light in complexion, having moustaches, about 1,9m in height, he was wearing a green jacket with flowers in front, brown trouser and wearing a hat.

Another suspect covered his face with green cloth and was wearing a hat. He is well built, about 1,5m in height.

Members of Flying Squad were busy with their routine patrols in the CBD when they noticed a blue sports bag on the ground behind the Liberty Centre. The bag was full of jewellery which is suspected to belong to the jewellery store that was robbed earlier in the morning. A navy blue cap with Polo label suspected to belong to one of the suspects, was found next to the sports bag.