Last but not least – People are your greatest resource.

This week brings down the curtain on the series by Anthony Robbins’s Seven Lies of Success. In doing so, I will be looking at the last three Beliefs. Your reality is the reality you create. If you have a positive internal representations or beliefs, it is because of what you created. It is your choice and yours alone.

Belief #5: People are your greatest resource.

Individual people who are successful in life and business, never downplay and show much respect to a tremendous sense of respect and appreciation for people. They value the importance of teamwork, share the same common purpose and unity. The successful businesses and individuals, look at their people as assets, partners not as tools or machinery. Do not say you respect people by only saying it and in action, you are not doing it. Practice what you preach.

Belief #6: Work is play.

Do we have people who have achieved their success without loving what they do or hate what they do? In order for one love what they do, they should be a marriage between what you do and what you love. Mark Twain said: “The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation”. Get joy out of your work. Make your work a “playground” means that you work towards your job. Find creative ways of doing your job. That do not only satisfies you but also, helps you to move toward work that is even better. Enrich your world and enrich your work by bringing to it the same curiosity and vitality you bring to your play. Work hard and Play hard at work.

Belief #7: There is no abiding success without commitment.

Without commitment to the cause, one is nothing. If there is any single overriding belief that is inseparable from success, it is that there is no success without commitment. The reality of the game (the most successful abide by it) is, it is not because that they are the best, the brightest, the most innovative, the fastest and the strongest. They are ultimately the best in mastering the art of commitment. Like in sport. Most successful sport stars become the best by practising more, perfect their skills; every day and over and over again.

In closing, success leaves clue. It goes without saying that you do whatever you do to achieve success, you can be able to do so without harming or bringing down other people. Like Tony said, these Seven Lies have done wonders for him, for others before us and will continue to so if you commit to them consistently.

My dream for one day to meet Tony for now remains a wish but eventually I will be able to meet him face to face one day.

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