Live and let Live!!!!!!!!!!

You might not have the most of everything but you can make the best of everything. Do not compromise your morals just because the world does it. Everyone makes mistakes but not everyone learns from them.

Stop repeating what you want changed in your life. When you wish you were someone else, you waste the amazing person you are created to be. Stop wasting your time and energy on the opinion of a person who cannot discern your depth and see your value.

Are you faced with a major decision or need a solution to a challenge? Let your wisdom give you the inspiration and insight that you need to succeed. Do not define yourself by your limitations and weaknesses.

Be defined by what and who has made you, His beloved and righteous child. He knows what is in you. He uses these steps to stretch you, to develop you, to get you prepared for the next level.

The journey is more important than the destination. If you’re not prepared by the journey, if you won’t learn what you’re supposed to learn along the way, you won’t be able to handle where He is taking you.

Are you feeling troubled?

The way people treat you is a statement about who they are as human beings, it is not a statement about who you are. Do not live in the prison of other peoples opinion. You are not who they think or say about you, you are who you are.

Your character is not defined as much by what you have done but by what you have overcome. You are designed to succeed and be victorious. No matter what the setback looks or feels like, YOU WIN and stand firm.

The only way the enemy can defeat you is if you quit. You have come to far to give up now. Do not quit.

Your faith is about to make things happen that you could not make happen on your own. You can stand through any storm when you believe. You have a strong foundation.

You are responsible to change things in your favour. Let go of what was and have faith in what will be. Leave your worries and troubles behind you.

God has great things for you to do. What are you waiting on? Start living a life of purpose today. It’s time to set the course of your life in the right direction. When you stand in faith, your expectations will rise, and you will see amazing things in your life. Bless those that curse you; do good to those that hurt you; pray for those that mistreat you.

One test you have to pass is being good to people that have not been good to you. It won’t make sense to your mind. Everything in you will say, “Hold a grudge. Talk bad about them. Look for ways to get even.”

Your job is not to pay people back. It is not your job to judge or condemn. It is your job to lift the fallen, restore the broken and heal the hurting. Your job is to bless your enemies. Blessing your enemy is a test of your character.

You should not be bitter, vindictive and hold a grudge. You should be big enough to swallow your pride. Live and let Live. You should tolerate the opinions and behaviours of others so that they similarly tolerate your own.

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Until next week Tuesday, bye-bye for now.
Yours Truly
Ishmael Phetoane
Editor: FS News Online

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