Thursday, 16 April 2020

Bloemfontein: Local transport businesses, Mothebe Shuttle Services and Mothebe Wheels is donating 600 food parcels to various families in Wepener, Thaba ‘Nchu and Bloemfontein.

Founder and Chief Executive of Mothebe Shuttles Services and Mothebe Wheels, Tsotang Mothebe said: “We had planned to have an Easter outreach to support the community with food parcels this year, knowing the challenging circumstances of some of the families in the community.”

“Then the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) hit the country, increasing pressure on communities that are already facing many challenges. We decided to consult authorities to make sure that we can still proceed with this initiative; and although couldn’t do it during the Easter weekend, we will be doing door-to-door deliveries from today (14 April 2020) until the end of the week.”

The food parcels include a range of essential foods, healthy and sustainable non-perishable items. Some of the foods include maize meal, canned goods, sugar, flour, sunflower oil, washing products and other personal hygiene items. The company is also donating sewing machines and blankets to some of the families.

Six hundred families based in Wepener, Thaba ‘Nchu and Bloemfontein respectively, will benefit from the 600 food parcels to be distributed by Mothebe Shuttle Services and Mothebe Wheels. The food parcels will be delivered to the families from today until the end of this week.

The businesses have put in place measures to comply with the crowd control and social distancing guidelines and protocols provided by the government to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

“In most communities, people are queuing for food parcels. We are going to deliver these parcels door to door to families in needs across the communities that we have identified. Wepener is my home town, and I know from personal experiences the challenges that communities face. With this in mind, we decided to continue with this campaign to ease the burden on the community and provide much-needed relief during this difficult time.” said Mothebe.

“The reality is the government cannot do it alone, businesses also have a role to play in helping to shoulder the burden that this pandemic has caused in our communities and many homesteads across the country.” he said.

Mothebe reiterated that part of this initiative is to uphold the values of ubuntu and promote social cohesion, especially during these unprecedented time.

Mothebe noted that Mothebe Shuttle Services and Mothebe Wheels aim to give back to communities and make an impact in the lives of our people. We are of the view that if all businesses come together to support communities, together we can make a real difference in the lives of our people.

This time presents an opportunity for businesses to look introspectively at what they can do to uplift communities. While this initiative was a planned Easter initiative, we are looking at continuing with this because we know that there are communities that are always in need, and it is the role of both the public and private sectors; be it big or small businesses to lend a helping hand where possible.

He noted that, for a lot of people, food security remains a crucial component that we must all try to reach. While the coronavirus has made going to the shops or supermarkets a scary exercise, but most people living in homesteads it’s more about access and affordability than anything.