Wednesday, 03 February 2021

Welkom, Free State – Macsteel Express in Welkom, is celebrating the official opening of one of the first independently owned franchise-partnership branches today; 03 February 2021.

Located at 12 Second Street, Voorspoed, Macsteel Express owner, Manie van der Schyff takes the bold move from employee into ownership.  This follows a shift in Macsteel’s business model aimed at ensuring the sustainability of its services to Welkom customers.

Macsteel has been in business for more than 116 years, operating  through prosperous and challenging times by adapting its business model to suit the times and markets in which it operates.  Pursuing reinvention is at the core of Macsteel’s DNA and the premise from which the business constantly seeks opportunities to evolve.

Mike Benfield, Macsteel CEO said: “Change is necessary, and this time the change needs to be quite radical. The fourth industrial revolution, with a connected world and a high-speed economy with information – and options – at our fingertips, has changed the expectations of customers, including the people we do business with in the steel industry.”

“Our customers want things faster, more affordable, and easier. New, smaller competitors have come into our market, ready to meet those needs. The need to align to the new expectations of customers, in this changing world, together with a struggling South African economy over the last few years, prompted us to relook our business model.” continued Benfield.

Macsteel’s new business transformation model drives consolidation and centralisation of functions within its business. This led Macsteel to consider the option of independent ownership of certain Macsteel Branches.

Manie van der Schyff, started his relationship with Macsteel in April of 1997 and has been with the business just short of 24 years. Manie is now the proud owner of one of the first Macsteel Express franchises in Welkom.

The experience and knowledge he has acquired of the business, the industry and the customers, made his decision to evolve from being a Macsteel employee to Macsteel partner an easy one. He believes in Macsteel as he believes in his family, knowing that they will always be there to support, help and guide him as and where needed.

One of his key business objectives is to transition the customer base who supported and stood by Macsteel for many years into the Macsteel Express family.

“Our customers have always been and continue to be at the core of our operation and we want to ensure that we service our market with mutually beneficial and rewarding results for all our stakeholders.” said van der Schyff.

Whilst Macsteel Express is a new franchise-partnering concept, the transition to an Express store will be seamless. The store will continue to hold the widest range of steel and value-added products and remain focused on partnering with customers to offer and provide solutions.

What makes Macsteel Express exceptional?   It’s continued customer centric and solutions-oriented approach to all customer engagements. It is open six days a week with in-store expertise and promises to deliver steel and steel-related hardware designed to meet the highest standards for all commercial and residential construction needs.

“We are very excited to partner with Macsteel and open the first Macsteel franchise partnering concept– Macsteel Express.  There will be no interruption of business with the transition from Macsteel to Macsteel Express. We will continue to supply quality steel, the full Macsteel range of value added steel and associated products. We believe in the ethos of pursuing reinvention and are thrilled to be taking this journey with Macsteel.” concluded van der Schyff.