Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Tseki; Qwa-Qwa: The police have arrested two robbery suspects at Phazama Section of Phamong Village; Qwa-Qwa l, after they were allegedly shot and wounded by the victim they robbed.

It is alleged that on Monday; 27 September 2021, the two tenants renting at Phamaza Section were in their two separate rooms when one of them was accosted by two suspects, one armed with firearm and other with a knife. They robbed him of his laptop, carry bag and cash and fled the scene.

It is further alleged that one suspect, who was carrying a firearm, proceeded to the second room where he ransacked it in the presence of the owner. He demanded money from him, however, he had no cash with him. The owner took a beer bottle and hit him on the head resulting in a scuffle. A shot went off during the scuffle, injuring the suspect.

Apparently, there was a third suspect who was waiting outside who fired a shot into the house upon hearing a gunshot. The complainant allegedly returned fire and wounded him. The third suspect who was in possession of a knife fled the scene.

The police and ambulance were called to the scene. Both suspects were apprehended and are under heavy police guard in hospital while receiving medical attention. In the process, two firearms, 9mm pistols, without serial numbers were seized.

“I instructed the investigating team to look into the possible involvement of this group in the shooting of students which took place a week back in the same area of Qwaqwa.” said the Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Baile Motswenyane.

Both suspects are estimated to be below 30 years of age. They will be charged and are expected to appear before the Tseki Magistrate’s Court soon, on charges of house robbery, possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition as well as attempted murders.