Welkom: Thabong Cluster Commander Major General Apaphia Modise appeals to community to report domestic violence, this follows after a man was allegedly murdered by his girlfriend on Sunday, 08 March 2020 in Thabong; Welkom.

Police in Thabong received a complaint of murder and attended the scene. They found the body of a male lying on the floor. It is alleged that the deceased was fighting with his girlfriend who assaulted him.

He fell on the ground and he was unconscious, attempting to wake him up. She poured him with a bucket of water but her attempt was in vain and he was later certified dead at the scene by Emergency Services. The girlfriend was arrested charged with murder.

“It is important to stop abuse at the beginning and not wait for damage to be done, people in abusive relationships must report to the police for their safety. Abuse must be reported and safety measures will be put into place to protect the victim from the perpetrator.” concluded Maj Gen Modise.