Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Theunissen: Two members of the Portuguese gang Isaac Nkwe (24) and Silindile Isaac Mbotshelwa (33) will appear for bail application in the Theunissen Magistrate Court on 30 November 2020 on a charge of murder.

On Monday; 02 November 2020, the victim Plaatjie Kulele also known as “Lucky” was stabbed to death with swords and other sharp objects at Lusaka Park, Masilo near Theunissen.

According to information received, Lucky was running towards his house when a mob of young men who allegedly belong to the Portuguese gang chased and killed him before fleeing the scene. Neighbours went to assist “Lucky” and summoned the Theunissen police and Emergency Services and he was certified dead at the scene.

A case of murder was registered at Theunissen SAPS for further investigation. More arrests are eminent.

As a result of these gang fighting’s, Theunissen SAPS and Community Policing Forum conducted a door-to-door campaign where pamphlets with message of how to prevent and report criminal acts relating to gang fights.

Residents were requested to report to the police`s emergency numbers as and when they start to regroup.