Friday, 26 November 2021

Brandfort: SAPS members noticed a suspicious vehicle and gave chase. Four suspects were arrested with copper cable and the vehicle was also seized.

On the 25th November 2021, members of Rapid Rail Police Unit were patrolling the R30 ZR Mahabane road; Brandfort, when they noticed a suspicious Toyota Quantum with Free State number plates, that was traveling in the direction of Brandfort.

The minibus was followed and police indicated to the driver to stop however, he sped off. Then the minibus was chased and members requested for back up from Brandfort SAPS members.

During the chase, the driver took the direction to Majwemasweu and while the chase ensued, the suspects disposed some of the copper cable through the windows of the minibus.

Police members fired a shot at the wheel of the minibus causing the vehicle to come to a halt.

Copper cable with an estimated value of R45 000.00 was found inside the minibus. The recovered copper cable reportedly belongs to Masilonyana Municipality.

The suspects, including a municipality employee, aged 27, 38, 47 and 57 were arrested.