Sunday, 06 February 2022

Ficksburg: Welkom Public Order Police were off duty on Friday; 04 February 2022, when they decided to walk to town and do some shopping.

Whilst they were in town, an unknown lady came up to them and told them she knows that they are Police Officials even when they are not wearing their uniform.

She said she has seen the good work that they were doing in Ficksburg especially in Meqheleng but she had one concern.

She complaint of a guy in a white vehicle with Lesotho registration numbers, who always parked his vehicle near a certain store and sell dagga to young boys in plain view. The police immediately saw the said vehicle with a suspect inside, busy selling dagga.

Police pounced on the unsuspecting suspect in the white vehicle, they found dagga and cash inside the vehicle and they were seized.

The suspect aged 34 is expected to appear before the Ficksburg Magistrate court on Monday; 07 February 2022, facing charges of dealing in dagga.