Power comes from when we are in unity.

“Love can open us to our deep participation in the life of the whole; it can teach us once again how to listen to life, feel life’s heartbeat, sense its soul. It can open us to the sacred within all of creation and can reconnect us with our primal knowing that the Divine is present in everything—in every breath, every stone, every animate and inanimate thing. In the oneness of love, everything is included, and everything is sacred.” – by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Life gives us, in every moment, exactly what we have created and chosen to experience in our evolutionary process. We benefit greatly when we can remember that and accept the past and present as it is, without bitterness, hurt, fear, anger or guilt.

Every event, every outcome, is an expression of love from the universe giving us an opportunity to use it to realize the truth or not. We can use these experiences for their ultimate purpose – discovering greater inner worth, security, freedom and fulfillment. Or we can sink into fear, discouragement, pain, bitterness, resentment, anger, guilt, hate or helplessness.

This is our free will. The events have been created by our previous and present thoughts, words, acts in conjunction with the lessons we have chosen personally and collectively to learn at this point in our evolutionary process. But how we use and react to these events and situations is our free choice.

Our opportunities for growth and evolution come in doses that may stretch our “spiritual muscles” but not so much that they will damage them, unless we ourselves chose to ignore our inner power. When we want to increase the weight we can lift, there is no sense in lifting the same weights we have been lifting for years.

We need to increase the weight, but not so much that we will break our backs trying. In the same way, we “choose” opportunities for growth that test our spiritual muscles, but always in doses that we have the power to deal with.

We will never be given a growth opportunity that is beyond our ability to deal with. We, however, have free will to access our inner power or to ignore it and feel weak and thus allow the event or situation to drag us into pain, fear, despair, depression and helplessness. Some of us after suffering or fearing at first, recoup and reconnect to their inner power and others do not. It is our choice.

It is even true when they say;”divided we fall, united we stand”. We can choose to continue the blaming game or we can choose to move forward and stop blaming each other. It is our choice and ours to make make.

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Until next week Tuesday, bye-bye for now.

Yours Truly
Tshepo Ishmael Phetoane