Monday, 20 September 2021

Johannesburg: President Cyril Ramaphosa has sent his condolences to Johannesburg Executive Mayor Jolidee Matongo’s family, friends, colleagues and comrades, and the residents of the City of Johannesburg.

Matongo passed away in a motor vehicle accident on Saturday at the age of 46.

The accident occurred after Matongo had participated in a local government voter registration drive at his birthplace, Soweto, alongside President Ramaphosa.

Matongo was elected unopposed to this position on 10 August 2021, following the passing of his predecessor, Geoff Makhubo, a month earlier.

President Ramaphosa said: “It is hard to comprehend this tragedy, given the vitality and passion with which Mayor Matongo interacted with me and the residents of Soweto so shortly before his death.

“Nothing could prepare any of us for this sudden loss, which has deprived our nation’s economic centre of its second Executive Mayor in two months. Mayor Matongo has been taken from us at a time when he was totally immersed in improving conditions and creating opportunities for all the people of Johannesburg and stakeholders in the metropolitan economy.”

The President said Matongo was looking forward to the forthcoming election, and they saw in person on Saturday that he had put his heart and soul into mobilising the people of the city to make their voices heard on 1 November.

“The time we spent together has been rendered a priceless treasure, given his untimely and traumatic passing. May his soul rest in peace.” the President said.