Replace any lies you may believe with the truth.

Think about what you are thinking about and replace any lies you may believe with the truth. You cannot solve your problems with the same thinking used to create them.

Let in the change and renew your mind. Let clarity and peace to you, no more fighting, stress and confusion in your life. Sometimes you walk through “hell” to get to “heaven”.

Do not give up, it is worth pressing into your better place. We can create with our words and our words begin with our thought life. If you are hanging around people who speak negatively, it is easy to begin to be in agreement with those words. Our thoughts and words are so powerful.

It may feel like all the forces of darkness are coming against you, but you have all the resources you need for complete victory. When you look back over your life, you will see times where He brought a promise to pass that looked impossible.

When you think about the faithfulness of Him, you will have this confidence, “It will happen. My children will be mighty in the land. I will live and not die. I will lend and not borrow. I will break this addiction. I will accomplish my dreams. I will reach my destiny.”

As a believer, you walk by faith and not by sight. You have to believe it in your heart before you are going to see it with your eyes. Let faith rise up as you meditate on His Word. Let every dry place in your life be watered right now.

Whenever I am going through a hard time and feel a bit discouraged, I often write down things I am thankful for. I read, fill my mind with truth and start consciously speaking the opposite of what I was feeling.

The secret to personal change is not willpower. The secret is to know and face the truth. You must know and face the truth about yourself and your nature if you want to change.

Nothing will change in your life until you know and face the truth about your weaknesses, your relationships, your successes, failures, your past and future.

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Until next week Tuesday, bye-bye for now.

Yours Truly
Tshepo Ishmael Phetoane