Monday, 15 October 2018

Bloemfontein: A reservist pretending to be a police official and preying on young girls has been sentenced to two life imprisonment for rape.

Andries Mpho Mohono (41) from Masilo location; in Theunissen, would make his unsuspecting victims to be at ease by pretending to be a police official and show off the reservist appointment card.

The victim would therefore corporate to his request. However along the way change and sing a different tune.

In the first rape case, the victim was walking with her friends at Freedom Square location in Mangaung, when they came across Mohono, who forced the victim to consume alcohol. He then chased her friends away on threats that they had urinated in public and that was a punishable offence.

When the victim’s friends had left, he then forced the victim to the ground and forcefully raped the victim.

In the second ordeal, the victim was walking home with her sister at Masilo; in Theunissen, when they came across the accused. He showed them his reservist card and offered them a lift home.

However along the way, he took the wrong turn, stopped driving and chased away the eight year old girl and ordered the 15 year old to stay behind. He raped her on the ground next to his vehicle.

The accused was traced and arrested. He was sentenced on Thursday 11 October 2018, by the Bloemfontein Regional Court.

At the time of his sentence, he was already in prison serving 25 years for another rape case that took place at Phuthaditjhaba.

Mohono’s sentence was as follow:

  • he was found guilty on the two counts of rape;
  • he got life imprisonment for each rape of the 15 year old victim;
  • two years in each case for pretending to be a police official;
  • another three years for abduction of the last incident; and
  • another three years for kidnapping of a minor will run concurrently.

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