Respect other people’s thinking.

Respecting others’ way of thinking can involve understanding that different things can be true and affirming for different people.

I came across B.V. Varadarajan’s article on the subject and thought I should share it with you, it put more perspective into my life and hope it will do the same to you:

It is not possible to expect others to think in the same way as you think. Knowing this well, it is justified that you should have tolerance towards other’s thoughts & views. Moreover, if the same purpose of your’s is served, what is wrong in respecting their views?

They may be even better than you in their thoughts, but which you may not recognize. Hence giving margin to their views is essential. Even if you are better, the normal courtesy expects you to respect them, even if they are not matching, to show that you are a human.

If you realize that there are different ways to solve a problem, it is immaterial which approach others are following, as long as it serves it’s purpose. To undermine others without knowing or understanding their thoughts, is detrimental to your own interests.

Giving opportunity for others to express their views opens up many unknown thoughts to solve many day to day puzzles. If their thoughts & views are not acceptable, you can as well reject politely, rather than showing disrespect.

If somebody says you are stupid, it does not mean that you are really stupid. If you know you are not stupid why should you take it seriously? If they also prove that you are stupid, you have to respect them for pointing out your stupidity, even though unwillingly.

It is a human psychology to praise you to get good will from you & if they praise you to trap you, it is for you to analyze the situations & sort it out.

Hence do not prevent others speaking out their heart.You will never know how it works well one day or the other.You must also respect the rights of others to hold their own thoughts.

Respecting other’s thoughts & views is a simple etiquette,which shows your humble behavior, even though you may agree to disagree.

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Tshepo Ishmael Phetoane