The One who calls you to a life of righteousness is the One who by our consent lives that life of righteousness through you!” – Major Ian Thomas

Righteous mind produces righteous life.

Life contains multiple moments of decision everyday. These moments include getting ready in the morning for work or church, the order am I going to accomplish my task list, what the children going to eat today, the route I am going to take to work, the food we will have for dinner, the time I will wake up, the time I will go to bed, the car I am going to buy, the house I am going to buy or rent, the person I am going to marry, the college I am going to attend, the job I am going to accept, and the list could go on. You fill in the blank of the decisions you are facing today in your life.

A pervading thought in the world today when it comes to decision making is to cease dichotomous thinking (right or wrong) and move to a thinking that is more flexible (right or wrong but with safe options in-between).

The tenet to their argument is that dichotomous thinking cause undue stress and anxiety in a persons life. Dichotomous thinking can lead to depression and mental breakdown because the worry over not making the right decision will eat away at a person for fearing they will one day choose wrong and fail in a large and impactful way in their life.

They rather contend that an and/or approach be taken and not be rigid on the either/or of dichotomous thinking. When you take an and/or approach takes and gives more than one right choice for a given question or situation you are facing, i.e. college choice.

The dichotomous thinker would say that their is only one right choice and all others are wrong.
As I mentioned at the beginning that our world does not want to believe in absolutes. We want to have a way of feeling good about ourselves.

The societal thinking that is crept its way into our lives is that we all battle in making decisions based on our feelings rather than what scripture teaches. We bristle immediately if it does not feel right to us.

How many times have you heard or said the statement “it just does not feel right” or “it just does not feel comfortable”? These statements may seem benign at face value. However they ask the wrong questions. The question should be “what does God say in his Word IS right”? “What principles of God’s Word gives me direction?”

Whatever is true, entails that truth in our thoughts, attitudes and actions. This refers to that which has moral truthfulness, it is true in its ethical qualities, valid and honest, and it corresponds to God’s nature.

Having thoughts that are characterized by moral excellence and virtue will propel us to live more like Christ. We must think on whatever is good and promotes praise.

Will you commit to sanctifying your thoughts and actions daily? Will you seek to have a right mind? For without a right mind you will have wrong thinking.

With wrong thinking you will have uneasiness and a lack of peace in your life. For when you think and act righteously you experience the glorious presence and peace of God! – Aaron Love: First Baptist Sterling Heights.

The righteous mind think and act right, even when it is hard to do so and/or when no one is even looking.

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Until next week Tuesday, bye-bye for now.

Yours Truly
Tshepo Ishmael Phetoane