Friday, 04 December 2020

Hennenman: Four suspects, aged 34; 24; 27 and 23, appeared in the Hennenman Magistrate court on a charge of murder with the possibility of additional charges.

The case was rolled for legal representations and all suspects remained in custody. It is alleged that all suspects are members of two rival gangs, Makaota and International Junior Portuguese (IPJ).

On Tuesday 24 November 2020, members of Welkom POP Reaction Team were on duty following up on investigation on a murder incident where a deceased (27 year old) was fatally stabbed. The deceased sustained 24 stab wounds on his neck and back.

The Police followed up on information and arrested one suspect alleged to be a member of Makaota Gang.

Police managed to confiscate one brown butcher knife which was in possession of one of the suspects. When searching further, three stainless steel knives and one Oukapi were found inside the house.

Twelve other Oukapi knives were found on the outside toilet including six stainless steel knives and one homemade panga. All weapons were confiscated.