Harare, Zimbabwe: The long lasting President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, has resigned. The announcement was made by the speaker of Parliament; Jacob Mubenda. This comes after last week’s military intervention and placing of Mugabe under house arrest.

Last wee Saturday, the long serving and loyalists of President Mugabe; the military veterans, asked people of Zimbabwe to march for his resignation. Also over the weekend, Mugabe’s ruling ZANU PF, also asked him to resign and failure to heed to their ultimatum, they will start the impeachment process.

Today, the charges were formulated and the process of impeachment was started. After listening to the outcry and support of the citizens of Zimbabwe for him to resig, Mugabe resigned as the President of his country.

Shortly after the announcement, Harare was abuzz with sounds of sirens, hooters, excitement and ululations as excited citizens took to the streets to celebrate his resignation. Mugabe’s tenure as President of Zimbabwe came to an end after 37 years in power as head of state.

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