Tuesday, 08 June 2021

Pretoria: South Africa has recorded 120 new COVID-19 deaths on Tuesday, which pushes the death toll to 57 183.

Meanwhile, the cumulative cases now stand at 1 699 849 after 4 209 new infections were detected.

This is an increase from the 3 285 cases that were reported on Monday.

According to the Health Department, 1 581 540 patients beat COVID-19, which works out to a recovery rate of 93%.

In addition, the country is home to 61 246 active cases, while the total number of people that have been vaccinated in South Africa is 1 524 589.

Health Department Director-General, Dr Sandile Mkhize, said South Africa has officially vaccinated over one million senior citizens aged 60 years and above under phase two.

Global view

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the global case and death incidences continued to decrease with over three million new weekly cases and over 73 000 new deaths.

According to the WHO, this translates to a 15% and an 8% decrease respectively, compared to the previous week.

Meanwhile, the European and South-East Asia regions recorded marked declines in the number of new cases in the past week, whereas Africa reported an upsurge.

“The region of the Americas, as well as the Eastern Mediterranean and the Western Pacific, reported similar numbers compared to the previous week.”

The organisation said the number of additional deaths reported in the past week decreased in the European and South-East Asia regions and increased in the Western Pacific region.

“Death incidences remained stable in the region of the Americas as well as the Eastern Mediterranean and African regions.”

According to the WHO, despite the downward trend in global case and death incidences for a sixth and fifth consecutive week respectively, many countries across all six regions have reported “rises” in the number of cases and deaths.

The highest numbers of new cases were reported from India (914 539 new cases, 33% decrease), Brazil (449 478 new cases, 7% increase), Argentina (212 975 new cases, 3% decrease), Colombia (175 479 new cases, 17% increase), and the United States (99 103 new cases, 35% decrease).