Friday, 15 January 2021

Bloemfontein: SACP Free State has made a call for intensified response against Covid-19, universal access to the vaccine, looks forward to the SACP Centenary and improved local government in the year 2021.

In its statement, the South African Communist Party (SACP) in Free State sent well wishes to its members and communities at large.

“The SACP reminds everyone that we remain confronted by the Covid-19 pandemic and are effectively in the second, more dangerous infectious wave on the coronavirus pandemic,”

“This reality requires everyone to act responsibly and with care for their own lives and the lives of others in order to minimise the catastrophic impact of the virus on life and livelihood.” read the statement.

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases reported that as of 14 January 2021, the Free State Province has recorded a total of 68,142 positive cases of Covid-19, with 2,396 deaths and 9,404 active cases.

The rate of positive cases in the new year is increasing considerably fast in the province. The situation in the country is also generally showing an upsurge on positive cases, and related pressure on health facilities and frontline workers.

The country’s cumulative number of Covid-19 cases is 1,296,806 thus far.

“The SACP Free State submits that these statistics are not merely numbers but represent real lives of real people who faced the real threat of Covid-19. Many people have recovered from the virus, but, sadly, many people also perished. The resultant disruption consequent of these Covid-19 cases on families, their livelihood and the economy are dire. Society cannot act as though it is business as usual.” continued the statement.

To help minimise the spread of the virus, the SACP in Free State reiterated the cardinal message from its Central Committee calling on everyone to “take responsibility and follow the COVID-19 preventative measures and recommended hygiene protocols.

These include wearing a mask, physical distancing, but with social solidarity, and regularly washingi hands with soap for 20 seconds or sanitising with a recommended sanitizer.

The SACP Free State said that it is supportive of the need for universal and equitable roll-out of Covid-19 vaccination.

“Whilst it is important to reach herd immunity at a national level, what is urgently required is coordinated global efforts for equitable distribution of the vaccine globally in order to attain herd immunity within all nations of the world. Such an effort requires the declaration of all vaccines as public goods for equitable distribution under the coordination of the World Health Organisation.” stated the statement further.

The SACP in Free State called on its structures and community to act as reliable agents in transmitting accurate and reliable messages on preventative measures and recommended Covid-19 hygiene protocols. This must include a struggle against conspiracy theorists who are actively engaged in the malicious spread of falsehood.

It further stated that such collaborative efforts must further embrace an anti-corruption posture against the procurement and distribution of the vaccine, and relevant personal protective equipment (PPE) which remain important in disrupting the spread of the virus.

Local Government Elections

The SACP Free State’s Provincial Executive Committee and its districts will update the evaluation on the state of municipalities in the province and draw critical lessons drawn from pitfalls and functioning of coalitions in local government, to inform the necessary response.

This is in line with the party’s Central Committee process intended to inform the SACP posture on the kind of local state required to serve struggling communities wholeheartedly and also to inform the role of the Party in this regard.

Centenary of the SACP

“The year 2021 marks the centenary of the SACP since its formation in 1921. The SACP will be joining the Central Committee in rolling our different activities in celebration of the rich history and contribution of our Party to the liberation struggle and working-class struggles in the country,”

“Related to this will be the important task of contributing towards the kind of SACP that South Africa’s working class needs for the next 100 years to advance, defend and deepen the national democratic revolution in continuing struggle for socialism.”

“The province’s contribution will also include activities informed by our 2020-2021 Red October campaign targeting Health, Housing, Hunger plus Water (HHH+W), which remain major challenges in our province.” concluded the statement.