Wednesday, 05 August 2020

Sasolburg: Anele Headman Gqorholo (37) was sentenced to 80 years imprisonment for rape by the High Court in Sasolburg on the 05 August 2020.

Anele was sentenced as follows:

  • 80 years for eight counts of rape;
  • 75 years for robbery aggravating;
  • 5 years for compelled sexual assault;
  • 2 years for theft;
  • 6 years for sexual assault; and
  • 3 years for house breaking and theft.

All sentences will run concurrently and he will serve 80 years in prison.

Anele, who was security guard and is a father of three (two boys and a girl), started terrorizing the community of Zamdela; Sasolburg, from 2015 to 2019. The victims were females between (18 and 31) who were targeted whilst walking home in the early hours of the morning.

Anele who always had his face covered would forcefully grab his victims, threaten them with a knife before raping and robbing them of their belongings.

In other incidents, he broke into the victim`s house whilst they were asleep, then rape them in the presence of their siblings and children.

After thorough investigation and dedication by the investigating officer, Detective Sergeant Kgayane, Anele was linked to the cases through DNA tests and arrested on the 08 August 2019.

He had been in custody since his arrest until he was sentenced.