Friday, 03 January 2020

Kroonstad: A woman was standing alone at the hiking spot when she was attacked and robbed all her belongings at knife point. The suspect fled on foot.

In separate cases reported, six women were robbed at the same hiking spot. Two suspects aged 28 and 34 years old were arrested by Kroonstad Detective Services and Kroonstad Cluster Task Team

The first suspect was connected to five cases of robberies while the second suspect was connected with one case of robbery on the same hiking spot.

Hikers using a Kroonstad/ Viljoenskroon spot next to Wespark Cemetery, are sternly warned to refrain from hiking. The aim is to curb these robberies where women were victims.

On the 2 December 2019, a 33 year old woman was hiking at the spot next to Wespark cemetery at Maokeng; Kroonstad waiting for the lift towards Viljoenskroon direction. She was apparently approached by an unknown African male person holding a knife.

She was kicked on her chest and fell on the ground. The assailant took her hand bag with her personal documents, two dresses valued at R900.00, Tupperware bottle; valued at R100.00, and her house keys. The suspect fled on foot.

Residents are warned to refrain from using this hiking spot. They rather use the taxi rank for their safety.

Safety starts with them, let us turn to be a reporting nation. Report any suspicious vehicles or occupants. Even motorists are also sternly warned not to give people lift as they are been attacked and robbed.