So Near and Yet So Far.

You do efforts and you are almost close to achieving the desired target. Yet, there is a problem and you are back to square one. Efforts and whatever has been achieved is gone and the target, as ever, seems doubly difficult. The phrase is interesting because I can think of several ways it can be used and applied. Some believe it is a contradiction in terms.

Whatever is being sought has come closer to your grasp than ever before BUT that closeness is just as far away as it ever was so you are no closer to an answer. Generally it means something appears attainable but is not in reality easily achievable or achievable at all.

Let us say you are trapped. You are struggling to breath and are quickly running out of air. Through less than an inch of what you are trapped in, there is all the air in the world. But you cannot reach it. Thus becoming, So Near Yet So Far.

To me, it means that an opportunity to grasp something is right in your face or under your nose, and yet you do not see it at all, but you only realise its importance long after it is gone.

It is like having an idea and implementing it. You have done all what you could BUT yet, no rewards of your efforts are forthcoming or reaping the rewards of all your hard work. You can taste and smell success however, you feel like you are moving in one vicious cycle and nothing does not want to be what it should be at the end.

The phrase So Near and Yet So Far means that something is almost within your grasp (a goal, an accomplishment, even a physical object) and yet is out of reach, even if only by a very small measure.

Success was so near yet at the end of day, the objective remains elusive as ever. Just try and get comfort from this famous known quotes that: It is better to die with an idea that will live, than to live with an idea that is going to die or if life has brought you down to your knees, just remember: We fall so that we can rise again. If you did it once or twice, you can do it again and again.

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Ishmael Phetoane

Editor: FS News Online



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