Friday, 01 February 2019

Bethlehem: Several firearms of different calibers, which had been stolen when a house was burgled in Bethlehem, have been recovered thanks to the house alarm system and a caring neighbour.

A house alarm went off on Saturday, 26 January 2019 evening, instantly alerting neighbours and a local security company of a burglary in progress. A safe, which had been removed from the wall, was found not far from the scene. It was intact with all five firearms still inside.

One of the neighbours had reacted to the alarm and called the house owner who was away at the time.

“We believe that the suspect(s) abandoned their mission when they realized that they were being watched. Thanks to the neighbor who took the responsibility to know why an alarm sounded. Like this house owner, we encourage all residents and business owners to invest in the security of their property by installing devices such as alarms. In addition, they must always protect information relating to their whereabouts, security systems, and valuables in the safe.” said Bethlehem Cluster Commander Maj Gen Jan Tsotetsi.