Such is life.

When you read or come across a story and that story, touches your heart, soul and mind but you have not experienced it, you quickly dismiss or forget about it. It is only when that story unfold infront of your eyes and take notice.

I took my family to one of the fast food chains store near our place. Having kids around, I braced myself for the “torture”of going through the menu, over and over again. Finally, everyone made their choices and we ordered food.

Hardly ten minutes had passed when another couple walked in and ordered theirs. To my and family’s surprise, these couple got served first.
We watched in total disbelief as they began to eat and laugh wholeheartedly.

The father was shouting on top of his voice and for everyone to hear him bragging about how connected he is to everyone in there and I felt belittled. In the meantime, we were still waiting for our order and no one had the decency to come and apologise for the delay.

I then decided to tell my family to up and leave. Unable to take the humiliation and bad customer service anymore, I called the waitress, before we left.

In a calmly and humble manner, she told me: “Sir, your order is a special order, being prepared by the Owner himself. Their orders were prepared hurriedly by staff but yours was busy been prepared by top cooks under the watchful eye of the Owner and they are almost finished with yours Sir. That is why they were served first because there was nothing special about it. Please have some juice as you wait.”

I calmed down and waited patiently in anticipation. Shortly thereafter, our meal was served by 4 waitresses. Little did I and my family knew that the Owner of the fast food store was an old long lost friend of mine. When he saw me enter the store, he decided to surprise me.

He changed our simple meal to a super five-star meal. The couple who were served ealier than us, were shocked. They couldn’t stop staring. Suddenly they were the ones murmuring, asking why they didn’t get that kind of service and meal. I wanted to get up and shout: “Who is connected to everyone now.” but stopped short.

Such is life! As I was eating and enjoying the meal, I remembered these story having read about it somewhere. I asked myself if it is deja vu. But soon realise that our lives are entwined.

Moral of the story(as shared by the unknown author before me and relevant to me even now) is:

Some people are ahead of you and are eating now, laughing at you and talking about how they are smarter, wiser and better than you, how they are well connected, blessed, have money and are enjoying life.

You are waiting tirelessly wondering why it’s taking so long to breakthrough, You endure mockery and humiliation. Maybe you have contemplated suicide, gone through depression or suffered severe mental anxiety.

Do not worry! The owner of the world has seen you and doesn’t want you to be served a simple meal like those making a mockery of you.

You’re waiting long because yours is a special meal. It takes time to prepare. And only chief chefs or cooks prepare them.

Wait for your meal and relax. When it comes that laughing party will be silenced for good. Stay Blessed and enjoy your day. This is my word of encouragement to you today.

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Until next week Tuesday, bye-bye for now.

Yours Truly
Tshepo Ishmael Phetoane
Editor: FS News Online

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