Friday, 07 May 2021

Petrusburg: A 30 year old suspect appeared before the Petrusburg Magistrates Court on Thursday; the 6 May 2021, in connection with the death of his younger brother.

The case was postponed to the 13 May 2021and the suspect was remanded in custody.

On the 04 May 2021, the police were called to a house at Bolokanang Location; Petrusburg, where on arrival, a lifeless body of 25 year old Abraham Lecholo, was found with multiple stab wounds and lying in a pool of blood on the floor inside the house.

Upon further investigation, a knife with blood was found on the scene and confiscated as exhibit. According to the eye witness, the two brothers, Jan and Abraham Lecholo had a quarrel just before a physical fight ensued.

The suspect then drew a knife and allegedly stabbed the victim multiple times in the body. He succumbed to his injuries at the scene. Both the deceased and the suspect are brothers and are residing at the same house (crime scene).

The suspect; Jan Lecholo, was arrested at his nearby mother’s house where he fled to after the commission of crime.