Saturday, 27 March 2021

Luckoff: On Tuesday; 23 March 2021, a suspect was caught in action after a shopkeeper contacted the Community Service Centre (CSC) for assistance when he became suspicious of a Health official demanding money instead of checking (health) compliance at the business.

According to the shopkeeper, the suspect entered the tuckshop and introduced himself as a Health Inspector from SA Government checking health compliance at foreign shops and he was also instructed to arrest them if they sleep inside the business premises.

He noticed the suspect had no formal books or receipts or anything that proves he is working for government.

The Police were involved and the suspect was arrested at a nearby tuckshop. A few other tuckshops in the area also confirmed that they already paid and the name of their tuckshops were on the name-list that was found in possession of the suspect.

The suspect appeared on Thursday; 25 March 2021 at the Jaggersfontein Magistrate Court on a charge of Impersonating a Health Officer or Health Inspector.