Monday, 29 June 2020

Bloemfontein: A 48 year-old suspect will appear in the Bloemfontein magistrate court tomorrow, Tuesday, 30 June 2020 on a charge of rape. The incident happened at Air Force Military Base in Bloemspruit, Bloemfontein.

It is alleged that on Wednesday; 24 June 2020, a 31 year-old victim was in her room sleeping when the suspect who is well known to her on a rank of Corporal, came to her room and asked her to give him a hug before she could sleep. The victim was already in bed and she hugged him.

She said there is no intimate relationship between her and the suspect, only that they are colleagues and used to talk to each another. She alleged that the suspect wanted to kiss her on the lips but she refused and he went further touching her breasts and kissed her on the breasts.

She said she asked him to leave because she started to feel uncomfortable with what he was doing to her. Instead of going away, the suspect undressed and jumped into the victim’s bed and forced himself on her. She pleaded with him to stop but each time she asked him, his reply was sorry but still continue raping her.

A case of rape is being investigated by Parkweg Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offence unit.