Take a good look at yourself in the Mirror.

Most of the time we are quick to judge other people if things go wrong in our life. We are quick to blame other people for our misfortunes, lack of success and promotions. Some even go to such extent as blaming people, bad luck or witchcraft.

Take a good look at yourself in mirror and tell me who you see. Do you see this self-driven, ambitious, talented, innovative and talented person? Or, you see yourself as this unlucky, worthless, disgruntled, unhappy and selfish person? You and only you, are the master of your destiny.

A Mirror story from “Power of Positivity:

Life is what we make it. No one can tell you how good or bad you are but yourself. Go out there, fight for that possible job, promotion, singing or entertainment contract as well as having a successful business. Because, you cannot keep a good person down, forever.

Your attitude will determine your altitude. The power is in you.

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Yours Truly

Tshepo Ishmael Phetoane

Editor: Free State (FS) News Online

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