The battle that is not yours.

What do you do when an enemy is out to get you? It is easy to think you can fight the battle on your own. But that almost never works. Do you know why? It is because the battle is not yours, it is God’s.

It is easy to say we understand that the battle is not ours, but what does it really mean when we say the battle belongs to the Lord?

It is about surrender. It is letting go and allowing God to do what He believes needs to be done to solve our problems…if He decides they are worth fixing at all. Because you see, understanding that the battle is not yours but God’s also means that we understand that sometimes He will choose not to engage.

It means that sometimes the greater benefit to our characters and our walk with Him is the lesson we will learn instead of a victory in whatever the situation may be.

Pay attention to the things that matter, not the petty stuff trying to get in the way. Do not fight a battle that does not belong to you. You do not get to choose what hand you are dealt. You only get to choose how you deal with it.

How are you going to bring value back to your life? Unfair things happen; people talk negatively about you or somebody walks out of your life. Struggles and problems try to silence His voice, so you have to allow that voice to be strong in you.

What really matters is who you are. You may feel insignificant, but God sees you as valuable and exceptional. He sees you as important. You are victorious through Jesus Christ. Act like it, talk like it and walk like it. Your destiny includes everything you need to fulfill the plan of God.

You will go higher when you decide to fly with eagles. Get ready to SOAR. God is taking you to great places He has already prepared for you. As God’s beloved child, you are the apple of His eye.

You may be going through a situation that is beyond your control…you may even feel that you are in control, whatever the situation, you should not be fighting your battles in your own strength.

The battle is not yours, sweet friend, it is the Lord’s. Will you not give Him control over your life and your troubles?

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Until next week Tuesday, bye-bye for now.

Yours Truly
Tshepo Ishmael Phetoane