The battle within is the fiercest battle that you shall ever face. We are made or destroyed from within. You must reign victorious over yourself so that you may live to your full potential and be of service in this world rather than resigning yourself to a timid life.

“The toughest battle you will ever fight in your life is the battle within yourself.” Anonymous.

Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you a purpose. My most difficult life choice was knowing something was going to be extremely hard but also feeling like it was the right path for me.

Sometimes you get lost in your own mind. You find yourself in battle between what you know to be right and how you feel. It is the most confusing spot to be in. You are at a loss and confused. You fight with inner demons within you and your enemies surround you.

You are told to follow your heart but you know deep down you know you might end up getting hurt. The only battle to win is the battle within, that place where we realize that we deserve to have and create all that we want in our lives.

There always comes a time, no matter what we are faced with, when we learn to be comfortable in the situation. It could be work, a routine, or even a relationship and it may take years, or it may only take a few days.

I have noticed that when this happens to me, I sometimes forget to take a step back and really check what is going on. My gut has me feeling one way, but my comfort zone is sometimes too full to let any of those feelings in.

It takes risk and removing yourself from the known to finally tend to those feelings. You can always find your way back, it might just be down a different route. The route that those feelings are telling you to take.

And yes, it is a huge battle, but one you can always find a way to win. It is when you know what you really need to do next that, what you know and what you feel, takes you to greater heights in life.

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Until next week Tuesday, bye-bye for now.

Yours Truly
Tshepo Ishmael Phetoane