“They say there is no light without dark, no good without evil, no male without female, no right without wrong. That nothing can exist if it’s direct opposite does not also exist.” – Laurell K. Hamilton.

It is easily forgotten that we require the “evil” in this world to live “good”. For something to be “good”, we need an opposite to compare it with. It cannot just inherently be.

This is a very common and basic principle in life; that we require an equilibrium or balance in everything. Good and evil in life must be balanced with the knowing of what they are and their intended uses.

We cannot allow ourselves to be blinded by just one and we must remember the opposite is always within reach for our own stabilization.

The darkness is not wrong. It is part of life, a backdrop for the stars at night, the space between what you know. Darkness has a way of reminding you of the light you have been given on all those other days. Bring darkness to the light and make it part of the light.

You do not need to drown the darkness with light. You do not need to replace negativity with positivity. You bring the darkness to the light. Like an offering.

That means you honour what is first, before you try to change it. You meet yourself where you are at, before moving forward.

Then you can even bring light to the places and situations where there is barely any left. You can give someone love even though they are not acting with love. You can light another candle. – Jennifer Williamson

The darkness around us might somewhat light up if we would first practice using the light we have in the place we are because in the midst of darkness, light persists.

You strive to be good and to a large extent, defeat evil. The more good you are, the less evil you have in you and vise versa. The more you walk in the light, the less darkness. Light cannot exist without darkness. Each has it’s purpose. And if there is a purpose to my darkness. Maybe it is to bring some balance to the world.

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Until next week Tuesday, bye-bye for now.

Yours Truly
Tshepo Ishmael Phetoane