Thursday, 30 January 2020

Heilbron: Three suspects aged between 26 and 38 will appear in the Heilbron Magistrate soon on a charge of possession of suspected stolen property.

It is alleged that on Wednesday; 29 January 2020, police received an information at a community meeting about a suspicious vehicle parked inside at a certain yard at Phiritona location; Heilbron. Members of Crime Prevention Unit attended to the tip-off given by concerned community members.

On arrival, they found three suspects busy washing a white Hyundai H1 behind the house. The suspects could not give a proper explanation on who the vehicle belongs to and could not produce any documentation for the vehicle.

The three suspects were arrested on the scene. It was later established during preliminary investigation that the vehicle was hijacked at gun point from owner at Sharpeville location (Gauteng Province).