Thursday, 17 March 2022

Bloemfontein: Tierpoort Social Crime Prevention, Department of Police, Roads and Transport, Mangaung One Stop Child Justice Centre, Charles Wesley women and Methodist Church, along with Universal Church, partnered to educate school children about the impact of crime.

All stakeholders reiterated that there is no place for violence, drug abuse, sexual harassment and other criminal acts in schools as it poses serious barriers to learning. They viewed these crimes on a serious light as they carry potential to deprive learners of their safe educational environment.

Learners were educated and encouraged to create a safe learning environment for learners of all ages.

Pamphlets were handed out to equip them with knowledge and understanding of different crimes.

In closing, learner interacted with stakeholders about different crimes and an open discussion platform was given. It was also emphasised that the success of such campaigns usually depend on the efforts put by the parents and communities in working together with the schools in ensuring that all learners are safe.