Odendaalsrus. Ten thousand South African, men and women, young and old, will die of kidney disease or kidney failure every year. Others are luckier and can be treated by dialysis or a kidney transplant. There are also other kidney conditions which don’t require dialysis, but which adversely affect the lives of thousands of South Africans. All of these conditions require early detection, and many can be prevented. Kidney failure in the black population is 4 times higher than other groups – due to the high incidence of Hypertension. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) has been estimated to affect as much as 15% of the South African population.

One motivated, energized and extraordinary young lady who has been living with renal (kidney) failure, lives in a township of Kutloanong Location, Odendaalsrus. Gadihele Molale, has not let this disease to bring her and her dreams down, instead; she has become more determined to live a normal and fulfilling life. After matriculating from High School, Gadihele Molale went and studied Cosmetology at Welkom College. She now runs her own beauty salon and has also started a NGO Company that will bring kidney disease awareness and campaigns to different schools, clinics, churches and radio stations around Free State Province and country. I met this young lady who has a positive outlook of life, who continuously empowers herself by knowing and researching more about her disease. A remarkable young lady who has and continuously still, knock on different doors; asking for help for her and those that might be affected by this disease. She is a motivational talker, entrepreneur, beautician and one day would like to be a TV show host.

Gadihele was diagnosed with Renal (Kidney) failure at a young age of 14 in 1991 and this was not as a result of an accident, but rather hereditary. She became the first patient to go on Dialysis in 1991 at Welkom Medi – Clinic, at that time it was called Hydromed Hospital.  She has been waiting for a kidney donor ever since and still hoping to get one on day, so that she can undergo a kidney transplant. Kidney transplantation delivers a healthy, functioning kidney to someone suffering from kidney failure, it is important to remember that it is a treatment, not a cure. Transplantation gives people with kidney failure a chance to get their old lives back, free from dialysis. Donated kidneys come from either deceased donors or from live donors. Live donors are usually close relatives, but spouses, distant relatives and even close friends can donate a kidney.

She has been under different dialysis treatments and she is now on; peritoneal dialysis. Essentially, dialysis means the replacement of the kidneys’ excretionary role by artificial means.  Peritoneal dialysis requires a minor operation, and a catheter is inserted into the abdomen. During peritoneal dialysis, waste removal and blood cleansing takes place inside the body, using the body’s own peritoneal membrane – the lining of the abdominal cavity – as a filter. She does this at home and has to be done every six hours.

Her newly found NGO Company, is in need of sponsorships that will enable them to have outdoor campaign/awareness equipment, such as, laptops; projector, photo/video camera; flat screen LCD TV screen, stage sound and stationery.

Gadihele is living with high hopes of undergoing a kidney transplant and has not given up hope of finding a compatible kidney donor.

“Good health and well-being means that we are healthy from all dimensions of our lives – physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. I never let anything or anyone bring me down. I know my God has a plan for me and what does not kill me, make me strong.” Gadihele concluded.

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