Thursday, 25 July 2019

Bloemfontein: Two accused, Mogobeng Isaac Lucoko aged 55 and Fikile Daniel Chake, 25 appeared in Bloemfontein Regional court. They were both found guilty and sentenced to 15 years direct imprisonment.

The first incident happened in 07 July 2013, in Ferreira. It was discovered during the trial that Lucoko together with the deceased, Tosi Cathrina May; who happened to be his wife, were busy drinking. After drinking, they went home at Bloemdal plot.

On arrival, they started fighting as they usually does every day after their drinking spree. The accused left the deceased, May, on the corner of the street and asked his son to come and assist him to pick up the deceased, as according to the accused, she was heavily drunk.

During the day the son discovered that his mother is no more. And the matter was reported to the police. The son remembered that the trouser that his father was wearing was full of blood.

He was arrested the same day. The case was removed from the roll as they were waiting for forensic report. On the separated incident, accused Chake was sitting with his friend, the deceased Thapelo Ernest Khathi, who was known as Skhothani.

During trial it was discovered that the accused stabbed the deceased twice on the left side of the neck with a knife before running away.

He was chased by police together with the security officers after one of the witnesses reported the matter to the police. He was denied bail until he was sentenced.

The state is happy to have an investigating officer who left no stone unturned to ensure that the accused end in prison where they belong.