Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Cornelia: Crime Prevention member’s vigilance leads them to a truck load of dagga on the R34 near Cornelia, arresting two males aged 43 and 35.

It was Sunday Morning (20 January 2019), when members of Cornelia Crime Prevention saw a speeding suspicious 1 tonne truck on the R34. Members gave chase till at a farm where the suspects stopped.

The driver was asked why he was speeding but he could not give a reason. Members asked what was in the back of the truck under the blue plastic cover and they were told it was blankets.

Members demanded papers or invoices indicating where the blankets were bought and where they should be delivered, still suspects could not provide enough proof. Members decided to search and open the cover. That is when they made a startling discovery of bags containing packed and compressed dagga worth an estimated amount of R600 000.

The two suspects were arrested for dealing in dagga and they are to appear in court soon.