Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Welkom: The two members were officially on duty wearing police uniform and driving a marked Police bakkie when they approached a house in Bronville; Welkom. They searched the cars and found alleged explosives.

The two officers were given R1800 and never arrested the tuckshop owner and did not hand in the alleged explosives in the SAPS store room. The incident was reported. The two Officers were arrested and sentenced to a suspended sentence of five years. The two members were dismissed from the SAPS early this year.

On the 21 December 2018, it was alleged that the two Officers were following up information about explosives that were inside one of the vehicles at a tuck shop in Hani Park Extension 19; Bronville; Welkom.

On their arrival, the two members; Constables Neo Kokoropo and Alex Mgoqi, found the wife and the shop assistant, they requested to search the residence. Nothing was found inside the house and the two members demanded to search the two cars parked inside the yard.

Apparently, one officer alleged that he found explosives from one of the cars. Cellphone number was left for the husband to call one of the members. In their conversation, the husband was instructed to come to Welkom Police station.

He arrived with his wife and their shop assistant. He was shown explosives but denied been in possession thereof. He was asked to give R3 000 but told them he does not have that much but they have R1 800 which was given to them and the husband was not arrested.

The alleged exhibit was not booked inside the SAPS store. A case of corruption and defeating the ends of justice was registered and the two members were arrested. They were found guilty as charged.

On the 10 December 2019 in the Welkom Regional Court, former Police officers Neo Eugine Kokoropo [36] and Mzukhona Alex Mgoqi [35] were sentenced to a direct imprisonment of four years and suspended for five years.