Monday, 22 June 2020

Komisiepoort: Two suspects are under police guard and recovering in hospital after both were injured during a house robbery incident at a farm in Komisiepoort.

It is alleged by a male visiting at the farm on Sunday; 21 June 2020, that he was outside when he saw a group of males approaching. One of them pointed him with a firearm and forced him back into the house where two children (boy and girl estimated to be in their teens) and their grandmother had already been ordered at knife point to lie down.

A shooting ensued between the house owner (estimated to be in his 70s) and the suspects. Two suspects were fatally shot while a third suspect was taken to a hospital in Ladybrand.

One suspect was arrested in the vicinity of the crime scene through the assistance of local farmers and was also referred to hospital after he was found to be injured. A cellphone allegedly stolen during the robbery, was found in his possession.

A case of house robbery and murder has been registered for further investigation. Suspects will appear in court in absentia soon.