“Ubuntu or Umuntu” – The untold story of a broken Nation.

Have we lost our moral fibre, gone through moral degeneration, lost our Humanity(Ubuntu) and/or moral compass? If we continue to see violence against women, children (or for that matter even men) and still fold our arms and do nothing. What kind of society have we finally become.

What kind of a human being, with a sane mind, decide to take another person’s life. Do these people even deserve to still be called human beings? Human beings have conscience, remorse, forgiveness, kindness, knows the difference between right and wrong. Even when someone do your wrong, can it really be resolved by killing another person. A human being does not wish evil even on his or her worst enemy.

I long for a South Africa where our children and women, can walk freely without fear of being victimised or brutally murdered. There is nothing more painful and unbearable like seeing or hearing of a parent burying their own children, moreso, if your child is mercilessly and brutally murdered.

I long for South Africa where not only immediate family does not take the burden of raising a child but rather, where it takes the whole village to raise one.

As we come to grips to the recent discovery of a mutilated body of a young woman, I cannot come close to imagining or feeling the pain that her parents felt. It even becomes difficult to understand the severity of the pain when it reaches closer to home.

Be comforted that many people have given you their support and continue to do so. This is by no means for opening slowly healing wounds but rather, praying that it should not have happened to you; the same thing does not happen to any other families and we seat and say or do nothing.

I pray and hope that, the whole truth; nothing but the truth, will eventually come out. I hope and pray that true justice will ultimately be served, so that whoever did this, will get the deserved punishment. I hope and pray that, the full might of the law will be delivered.

I hope and pray that, people stop spreading lies, rumours, passing judgements, false information and we all wait with baited breaths, for the outcome of the court. I hope and pray that, no stone will be left unturned in the pursuit of the truth and ultimate justice.

In the meantime, let us all take a stand and say: Enough is Enough. It should not have happened to the young woman and it should never happen to another one, on our watch.

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Until next week Tuesday, bye-bye for now.

Yours Truly
Tshepo Ishmael Phetoane
Editor: FS News Online