Friday, 21 September 2018

Parkweg, Bloemfontein: A 41-year-old man from Uganda; Kasoma Twaha Luyima, appeared in Bloemfontein magistrate court on the 19 September 2018 on a charge of fraud.

The case was postponed to 28 September 2018 for formal bail application while he remains in custody.

On the 19 September 2018, police followed an information and searched a house in Fleurdal. They found R33 100 counterfeited in R100 notes and boxes full of pamphlets. The suspect was arrested on the scene.

The South African Police Service pleads with communities to be on alert for people who are posing as fortune tellers or traditional healers.

Their way of defrauding people start by telling them to resign from their work and bring all their pension money to them without telling anyone. When the victim go back to them after a given number of days, they are nowhere to be found.

In one of such cases registered at Parkweg, a victim (53 years old) was told to go and resign at his work in one of the government departments. He then got his money and withdrew close to two milion and took it to these bogus healers who promised to double his pension money.

He took the money to the suspect who in turn put the money in a box and ask the victim to come back after two days. On arrival to the said address, the suspect was no longer there and his cellphone was being answered by somebody who claimed to know nothing about that transaction or the whereabouts of the suspect.

They use the same manner of tricking people. Some are even promised Lotto tickets after giving suspects their pension money. Another victim form Thaba-Nchu gave this bogus healers R480 000 of her pension after she was told that her ancestors will double the money for her.

She was given the closed money box and made to believe that her money is in there and told to open it after 3 months. After three months she went back to so called ‘Dr’ Ezra who was still having keys to the money box. On arrival, the suspect was not there.

Police urge members of the community who were defrauded money by these bogus healers promising to double it for them, to go to Parkweg SAPS to check the profile of this suspect to see if they can identify him.

On all the transactions that were made, no paper trail is being kept by the victim. They don’t have receipts or even photos of the suspects besides numbers that are written on the pamphlets.

SAPS urge members of the community to be on the lookout for these “Bogus healers” to ensure safety of your money and that of your family members.


  • Do not fall prey of people giving out pamphlets on the street promising to double your money after you resign.
    These people will make you believe that you are talking to your ancestors who then tell you what to do with your pension money.
  • They will tell you not to let anyone know about this deal until you receive the payout but this never materialize.
  • Engage the police or any family members you trust at the beginning of this transaction to increase the possibility of removing these fraudsters from our street.
  • Teach family to also be vigilant to these criminals.

Community should join hands together with the police to fight this terrible crime affecting our economy negatively. Several fraud cases of this nature are being investigated.

Anyone who has been defrauded by these suspects or who knows somebody who lost money in any of these methods is requested to call Investigating Officer; Sergeant Tsatsi Motseki or Parkweg detectives on 051 503 2894.

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