Until I succeed I will never stop going.

Nothing will ever be perfect, no matter how much we try. Perfection is beyond humanity. Fear of failure (or even fear of success) often prevents us from taking an action and putting our creation out there in the world. Nevertheless, a lot of opportunities will be lost if we wait for the things to be right. So give Up Your Perfectionism.

There is a myth that only successful people are the ones that have their own businesses. The truth is, success comes in different shapes, sizes and forms. This can range from being a successful business owner, having a fulfilling career and job, being in politics or religion. In addition, to me success is when you continuously grow emotionally, socially, spiritually, physiological, intellectually and “financially” while contributing to others in some positive ways, wherever you may be.

Many a times we tend not to achieve our goals, dreams and visions that take us to success. We rely and depend on people to achieve this. However, that should not be the only determining factor. A friend of mine put this profound picture on one of his profiles and it said: “Ha o nahana hore ke itshetlehile ka wena, sutha ke we. Ka tsela eo, ho tla hlaka hore ke eme ka wena kapa jwang.” This literally means that: “If you think I am leaning on you, step aside so that I can fall. In that way, it will be clear if I am only standing because of you or not.” I found it very profound because, most of the time, we are afraid of standing on our own two feet.

We take or claim other people’s glory, achievements and success as our own. Your spouse is a Lawyer, NOT you. Your child is a Doctor, NOT you. Your relatives are rich, NOT you.  Reality check!!!!! It is theirs not yours. Work on make your own dreams, visions, goals succeed. It is not going to be easy. It will require a lot of sacrifices, blood, sweat and tears. Tell yourself and be brutally honest in doing so that; every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better. Overnight success is a myth. Successful people know that making small continual improvement every day will be compounded over time, and give them desirable results. That is why you should plan for the future, but focus on the day that’s ahead of you, and improve.

Many a times when good opportunities and ideas come knocking on our doors or staring right in our faces, we do not even see them. Simply because, we are caught up in our own little dark and closed spaces. I am very clear that who you know, how you know, where you go and what you own are not true measures of personal success. To me, success is the ongoing process of striving to become more. The road to success is always under construction. It is a progressive course not an end to be reached. The difference between people who succeed and those who fail is not what they have rather it is what they choose to see and do with their resources and their experience of life.

So, until I succeed I will never stop going. I will keep on working harder and harder, till I achieve my goals, aspirations, dreams and vision.

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Until next week Tuesday, bye-bye for now.

Yours Truly

Tshepo Ishmael Phetoane

Editor: Free State (FS) News Online

E-mail: iphetoane@fsnewsonline.co.za

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