Villiers: The Villiers police are warning motorists using the N3 near Villiers and Cornelia against robberies.

Motorists are targeted by an unmarked white corolla with a blue light, with two male occupants dressed in police uniform. They pull over motorists to the side and when the motorists pull over they get robbed of their personal belongings (cash and cellphones).

The police urge all road users not to stop if anyone with the blue light or unmarked vehicle tries to pull them over.  The people are advised to drive to the nearest police station or immediately contact the police.

The police of Villiers would also like to warn the truck drivers using the N3 near Villiers and Cornelia about the theft of truck tyres. The perpetrators target the trucks in instances where the truck driver stopped next to the road to rest during the night, and while the driver is still sleeping at around 02:00am the perpetrators steal the truck tyres.

We urge the truck drivers to refrain from stopping next to the road on the N3, the drivers must park at a safe place and rest.

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