Friday, 13 May 2022

Welkom: On the 17th November 2018, at about 22:00, Mr Neil Horrocks (39) was walking from Mannys to his residence in Flamingo Park, Welkom. He was confronted by two suspects living in the bush behind Unitas High School in Welkom.

He fought back and he was shot in his chest, strangled with a wire and left at the scene tied up with the wire. His cellphone, jewellery and cash were robbed.

The two suspects were later apprehended for drinking in public by the Welkom SAPS members. Then one suspect informed SAPS members about the robbery and fatal shooting in the bush.

The scene was visited and the deceased Mr Neil Horrocks was found tied up with a wire and was certified dead by Medical Personnel Services. The firearm, ammunitions, cellphone and jewellery, were also found and seized. The case was assigned to Detective Sergeant Tsie Matlokotsi of Welkom Serious Violent Crimes Unit.

The two suspects Mpotla Michael Mkwanazi (35) and John Teboho Nolwana (34), were arrested and found guilty as charged for Robbery with Aggravating Circumstances, Possession of unlicensed firearm, Ammunitions and Murder.

The two accused were sentence as follows by the Welkom High Court.

Accused number 1 – Mkwanazi:

  • Count 1. Robbery with Aggravating Circumstances: Life Imprisonment
  • Count 2. Possession of unlicensed firearm: 5 years in jail
  • Count 3. Possession of unlicensed Ammunition: 5 years in jail
  • Count 4. Murder: Life Imprisonment
  • Count 5. Illegal Immigration: one year in jail

Second Accused – Nolwane:

  • Count 1. Robbery Aggravating: 15 years in jail
  • Count 2. Possession of firearm: 5 years in jail
  • Count 3. Possession of Ammunition: 5 years in jail
  • Count 4. Murder: 15 years in jail
  • Count 5. Illegal immigration: 2 years in jail.

They were also both declared unfit to possess a firearm.

The Provincial Commissioner of the Free State, Lieutenant General Baile Motswenyane praised the arresting officers Warrant Officer Oss, the late Constable Manyathela, Constable Marman and the investigator Sergeant Tsie Matlokotsi, for conducting a thorough investigation which led to this heavy conviction of these accused.