Tuesday, 05 February 2019

Welkom: Members of Public Order Policing [POP] under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Morena Motshewana have made a huge breakthrough since April 2018 until January 2019, when they engaged in different operations and they arrested 696 people for various crimes committed as well as policed 397 Crowd Management incidents in different places around the Free State.

Public Violence is leading with 237 arrests as it their Primary function of Crowd Management. 25 Murder suspects were arrested during gang fights also by the these dedicated and committed men and women in blue.

These 696 people were arrested for various crimes such as Dealing in dagga, Possession of dagga, Illegal immigrants, Possession of suspected stolen property, Housebreaking and Theft, Malicious damage to property, Unlawful Possession of Gold, Public violence, Trespassing, Possession of dangerous weapon, Obstruction of Justice, Armed robbery, Murder, Possession of drugs, Possession of illegal firearm, Common robbery, Road Traffic Fines, Assault GBH, Theft, Corruption and Money laundering, Rape, Illegal possession of ammunition, Drinking in public, Stock Theft, Intimidation, Conspiracy to commit crime, Business robbery, Abduction, Fraud, Discharging of a firearm in a municipal area, Possession of counterfeit money, Contempt of court, Robbery, Riotous behaviour, Domestic violence, Bribery, Sexual assault, Stock theft, dealing in gold, and Undocumented.

Confiscations were as follows : Motor vehicles, dagga, Nyaope drugs, dangerous weapons, knives, garden tools, cash, gas bottles, Gold scales, home-made axes, television sets, dvd players, cameras, cash and apparatus used to process gold bearing material like cutting torches, gold melting pots, Borax, gold dust, 60 Containers full of ARV tablets, 146 X Mandrax tablets, 108 grams of Cocaine, 16 X PMP rounds, 25 X 6.35 MM Browning rounds, 1 X 243 Win round, 1X 5.5.6 MM round, 1 X .38 Special round, 1 X Goat, 30 X SSG rounds, 1 X R1 round, 1 X Home Made Rifle, 3 X Z88 firearm with 9 X 9mm rounds, 7 traffic related fines were issued that amounts to R4000, 32 vehicles were impounded, 7,4 grams of Crystal Meth, full set of computer with cables that amounts to R12 000, Explosives like Blasting Cartridges, Shock Assemblies, R200 Fake bank notes that amounts to R72 400, 6 X Rock Pills, 1 X Motor cycle, 2 rolls of Barb wire, LG Music system, Clothes, Cosmetic case, 17 frames of Devil forks, Multiple bank cards, black, white and red Race Suit, Laptops, Ryobi Air Compressor and 1 X Green Smoke Grenade.

“Quite a number pf unrest situations were attended in different towns throughout Free State. These dedicated members are mostly mobilised when a town is clouded with gangsterism and most of murder arrests were as a result of gang fights which led to brutal killings with dangerous weapons mentioned above,”

“I am very proud to have a team of these dedicated and committed men and women in blue who ensured that law abiding citizens are and feel safe. I wish them well in their policing career. My appreciation also goes to a nations that reports criminal acts within their societies and these are the results of a reporting nation results lot of arrests and seizures.” said the Cluster Commander of Welkom, Major General Lerato Molale.