What being Happy means!!!!!!

Happiness is an emotional state characterized by feelings of joy, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment. While happiness has many different definitions, it is often described as involving positive emotions and life satisfaction. It is feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

Happiness does have a pretty important role in our lives, and it can have a huge impact on the way we live our lives. Although researchers have yet to pin down the definition or an agreed-upon framework for happiness, there’s a lot we have learned in the last few decades.

Being happy means that you have found ease within yourself regardless of the unease around you.

We often feel unhappy because things around us are not the way we wanted, or people might not have behaved the way we expected. When we allow external influences to disturb us, we feel unhappy most of the time.

To achieve long lasting happiness, one needs to cultivate inner joy. This can seem hard but can be made possible if you learn to let go, take life as it comes, stay hopeful and keep connected with the higher self. You will then be able to look beyond and understand every situation and every person. Aim for inner happiness. No situation and no person will ever be able to take that joy away. – Dr Bhawna Gautam.

“Humans may resemble many other creatures in their striving for happiness, but the quest for meaning is a key part of what makes us human, and uniquely so.” Roy Baumeister et al. (2013)

June Silny at Happify outlines, gives answers to the question, “What’s so great about happiness, anyway?

  • Happy people are more successful in multiple life domains, including marriage, friendship, income, work performance, and health.
  • Happy people get sick less often and experience fewer symptoms when they do get sick.
  • Happy people have more friends and a better support system.
  • Happy people donate more to charity (and giving money to charity makes you happy, too).
  • Happy people are more helpful and more likely to volunteer—which also makes you happier!
  • Happy people have an easier time navigating through life since optimism eases pain, sadness, and grief.
  • Happy people have a positive influence on others and encourage them to seek happiness as well, which can act as reinforcement.
  • Happy people engage in deeper and more meaningful conversations.
  • Happy people smile more, which is beneficial to your health.
  • Happy people exercise more often and eat more healthily.
  • Happy people are happy with what they have rather than being jealous of others.
  • Happy people are healthier all around and more likely to be healthy in the future.
  • Happy people live longer than those who are not as happy.
  • Happy people are more productive and more creative, and this effect extends to all those experiencing positive emotions.

Remember this: Being happy does not mean everything is perfect. It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections.

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