When God places a burden upon you, He places His arms underneath you.

“When God places a burden upon you, He places His arms underneath you” is a quote made famous by Charles H. Spurgeon.

We are constantly reminded that, our walk with God is never going to be easy and that we will face burdens in our lives. In Psalms 55:22, the author reminds us as today that we are to cast our burdens on the Lord because He sustains us.

Faith can hear the tramp of the celestial cavalry above our heads. We who trust in the Lord are always safe, for the angels of God are looking down upon us from the battlements of heaven, ready to show themselves strong on our behalf as soon as their presence is needed by us.

We should never allow our own pride to get in the way of encouraging and building each other up in Christ. We are called to bear and share the burdens of our walk with Christ, NOT tear each other down.

It is when chips are down; life weighs you down; problems never cease to end; when troubles come your way, that you must know that He will never give you a burden hard enough not to carry because He is always with you.

He is above you; He rides the heavens; He is around youn He is your refuge; He is your shelter; He is your stronghold and He is around you; He goes before you; He will drive out your enemies; He is beneath you and He is underneath you.

So God surrounds his people; He encompasses; He envelopes; He enfolds and He embraces his people.

And if you belong to Jesus you are not just in the Creator’s hands, you are in the Father’s hands and no one can pluck you (said Jesus) out of the Father’s hands.

If you are trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ, you may take these precious words home to yourself, and you may live upon them; you may eat the fat, and drink the sweet, and rejoice in all the refreshment that they bring to your spirit.

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Until next week Tuesday, bye-bye for now.

Yours Truly
Tshepo Ishmael Phetoane